Alien 3

This is just a quick update on my recovery progress from treatment #3. This one has been the toughest one yet, but I’m finally starting to feel much more normal this morning. The alien stuck around much longer this time around than the first two rounds. I’m feeling very energized and motivated this morning, which is a feeling I missed for the last week. Today, I’m looking forward to making more progress on icortica, having a great board meeting for Open Implants, and having a great workout at OrangeTheory. All of this will definitely test my energy level.

2 thoughts on “Alien 3”

  1. I felt like I was applying for secret service! I have remained current as to your progress. Sometimes drinking a lot of water can be difficult so I have found carbonated water decreases heart burn. I’m glad you’re in a support group. I myself couldn’t get over how much you look like your Mom. Each round will bring on different effects as chemo levels rise in you’re body. Your labs sound great as does your attitude. ❤️ Mary

    1. Thanks for the advice, Mary! And thank you for the thoughtful card you sent. That was very sweet of you, and I appreciate your support.

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