Support Group

A couple weeks ago, a close friend of mine recommended that I look into a support group because it can be helpful to talk with people who are going through a similar journey. Yesterday, I went to a Lymphoma support group at Dana Farber. Even though I’m not being treated there, they allowed me to join the group. He was absolutely right. It was helpful to hear others share similar feelings about going through this process. As a relative newbie, it was helpful to connect with people who are further along in the journey. Hodgkin Lymphoma (HL) is a more rare disease with only about 8,000 cases per year in the US versus 75,000 non-HL cases. When I learned that one of the members also has HL, it was helpful to hear about her experience as she went through the same treatment protocol. In many ways, it was just as helpful to hear about the concerns and challenges that people faced that were different from my own as much as the ones that were similar. Specifically, the differences really helped me appreciate my prognosis and my support network even more. I’m really happy I went to the group and I look forward to attending again next month.