Amazing news!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had an interim PET/CT scan yesterday. I received the result today, and was thrilled to learn that it is AWESOME! The scan came back negative. I’m officially in complete remission. I honestly was not expecting this result today, but I’m ecstatic. I hugged my entire care team multiple times.

For the PET scan, I fasted for 6 hours before receiving an IV and oral radioactive sugar (Barium Sulfate) which is easy for the PET scanner to detect. Cancer tends to hog sugar, so the Barium Sulfate tells the PET scanner “Hey, there’s a sugar pig here!” The left image above shows the PET/CT Scan prior to treatment. The right side shows the scan after treatment 4 (cycle 2b). Because the cancerous mass is no longer there to take the majority of the sugar, it went to other normal organs which are showing up brighter now. The bright spot in the middle of the Oct 15 scan is the heart, and this is normal.

Because of these results, my chemo regimen has been adjusted going forward to exclude Bleomycin, one of the four drugs. Removing this drug will not affect the 3 year progression-free survival rate, but it will decrease long-term side effects on the lungs.

I need to continue with the remaining infusions with the other three chemo drugs to make sure we get any cells hiding under the radar. The PET scan can see masses about 1 centimeter or larger very well. Smaller masses may not show up. To be sure we get rid of all the naughty cells, we’ll finish out the full 12 treatments. The new regimen is called AVD which are the initials of the remaining 3 drugs. The previous one was ABVD. Bye Bleomycin!

I’m super excited, but also pretty tired after having completed infusion #5 today. Bob joined me again today, and it was wonderful to share the news with him. I called Mom, Jamie, and Tamara with the news and they were equally thrilled.

Here I am with Nurse Amanda!

I stayed hydrated heading into this treatment, so hopefully, I’ll have a similar recovery experience as I did last round.

I’ll close with this picture of Mocha chilling out with Bob before we headed over to the hospital.

16 thoughts on “Amazing news!”

  1. ROB!!!!!
    This is such great news. You have literally made my day on numerous occasions, but this one is extra special. I am so happy to hear this and I am sending you a big, giant hug!! <3

    1. Big giant hug back to you! You’ve made my day many times, too, Prudence. I’m so happy we remain connected so we can keep making each other’s days for years to come!

  2. Yes Rob!! This cancer jerk stands no chance against your will to overcome! Keep up the attack and hopefully the great news makes the recovery a little easier.

  3. Excellent news, Rob! Fingers crossed for continued success and getting through the remaining treatment as smooth as possible. Great to see such dramatic improvement!

    1. Thanks Matt. It’s definitely very motivating to see this result. It definitely makes it feel worth dealing with the side effects.

  4. Fantastic news Rob! So happy for you!

    Wait. Mocha is chilling? Mocha does not do chill, what magic mesmerizing power is Bob using?

    Big hugs as you continue to win the fight.

    1. Very insightful comment about Mocha. She had a visit to the vet that morning (she’s fine), and they requested that she has a little doggie Xanax for her visit. That zoned out Judy Garland haze of hers was drug-induced and wore off quickly!

  5. This is such amazing news. It’s the morale boost we needed. Rob has been, and is amazing, inspirational and so positive, but of course he has his moments…he wants to do things and sometimes he just can’t in that moment, which is very difficult for someone like Rob, who performs in all aspects of his life at such high levels. Thank you all for your love and support. I know how much he means to you and you also mean to world to him. Nurse Amanda is one of my favorite people. She truly does God’s work here on Earth. Love you, Robbie!

  6. I am so happy for you, Rob. You have been an inspiration for me from the first day I met you. I could’t think of a more deserving person to receive a surprise like this. Keep up the fight and never stop living life to the fullest!

    Cheers to the awesome news!

    – Joe

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