Number of Normal-ish Days Chart

When I first started scoring my days by fatigue and nausea levels, I knew it was a but complicated to digest, but I wanted to see the things I heard would end up being correct:

  1. Nausea is expected to have a similar pattern each round and the drugs do not cause a cumulative effect on nausea.
  2. Fatigue is expected to get worse with each round.

Generally, this is proving to be true. But when I think back to my first real question about this before I started on this journey, I was really interested in learning how much of my time during this six month treatment plan would I feel normal or close to normal. I started finding that if I scored at least an 8 for energy level and a 9 on the human/alien scale that would be a normalish day. Anything better than that is even better. So I created this chart to show how many normal days I’ve had per cycle:

Summary through the end of cycle 10: I’ve had 44 normal-ish days out of 140 days of treatment (31%).

Up through treatment 8 and 9, I was starting to think that the last couple of months are just going to be extra tough. After tweaking my hydration,food, and recommitting to getting more sleep, the normal-ish days came back in round 10 very nicely. I will keep up these good habits to make the most of #11 and #12!